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Webmasters – Promote BongaCams through the BongaCash affiliate program

BongaCash is the official affiliate program for BongaCams, leading adult portal operating webcams. BongaCash offers both revshare and PPL (pay per registration), lots of promotional tools and even has a white label site creation tool. In addition, you can promote a new model referral program and a referral program to other webmasters. Here is all the details about BongaCash.


  • Different types of programs
  • Promotional tools
  • Payout methods
  • Whitelabel Site Builder
  • Recommendation of models for web demonstration
  • Webmaster Program
  • Roboscripts compatible
  • BongaCash registration

Different types of programs:

25% life time rev share

Get up to 25% lifetime share of all purchases made. Lifetime revshare generally have better long term potential because you will earn good recommendations if they are part of the site.

Up to 4,50 $ PPL

Earn up to $ 4.50 Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) for confirmed free sign-ups. It is graded by country and $ 4.50 is only for top level countries. BongaCams offers generous prices in all major countries.

Program doporučení nových modelů

BongaCams affiliates may also promote a new model recommendation program. If you have model traffic, you can earn a 5% lifetime share of all performers’ revenue. These earnings come from the reduction in BongaCams’ profits, not from the bidders. BongaCams provides promotional material for this program.

Recommendations program for webmasters

BongaCams affiliates may also promote a referral program for webmasters. Earn 5% lifetime revenue from all recommended affiliate webmasters. BongaCams gives affiliates the promo materials needed to promote the program’s recommendations to webmasters.

Promotional tools for webmasters:

  • Text ads – These top-converting text ads are demonstrably getting clicks.
  • Dynamic banners – Create your own banner from BongaCams online models.
  • Geo banners – Get the attention your ads deserve with animated banners available in a variety of sizes and offering geo-targeting.
  • Instant Messaging Ads – BongaCams instant messaging ads are great for the footer of your site.
  • Webmaster Referral Banners – Referral Banners.
  • Model Recommendation Banners – Recommendation Banners for attracting new models and studies.
  • Popunder – When a user clicks on a link on your site, a BongaCams pop-up window will appear in the background.
  • Mobile Popunder – BongaCams mobile popunder is the perfect promo tool for mobile traffic.
  • Embed Chat Rooms – Integrate a live chat room directly into your website.
  • Deep Model Linking – a link to specific models or specific sites. Great for directory sites.
  • Category widget – Use this widget to set up a list of categories on your site.
  • Whitelabel – Launch a portal with online webcams directly on your own domain! Your logo and customizable color scheme, which you can fill in with the most popular ad network codes or your own banners for more money!
  • Background skins – Add background ads that surround the main content area of the site.
  • Video Export – Export recorded BongaCams video clips.
  • API – BongaCams offers an API that can be used for further integration into your website or application.

Payout methods and minimal payout

BongaCams pays out every week. The minimum payout is $ 200. Here are the supported payment methods:

BongaCams Whitelabel – Create your own web portal with webcam models!

BongaCams is equipped with a customizable tool for creating websites with whitelabel (whitelabel). This allows affiliates to rebrand BongaCams as their own and earn revenue from all sales generated by the white-labeled version. Select the gender to be displayed (including pairs), customize the color scheme and other design elements of the site. BongaCams provides all the other hosting and technical aspects of running a website.

Program of recommendation of new models on webcam

BongaCams also offers a recommendation program for new artists. If you have that kind of traffic to your site, this is a great opportunity. Affiliates earn a 5% lifetime share of sharing all recommended performers. The revenue share comes from BongaCams’ revenues, not the performers. BongaCams also provides banners for the program to recommend new models.

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Affiliate partners / webmasters referral program

BongaCams also offers a referral program for webmasters. If you have webmaster traffic, you can earn 5% lifetime revenue from all brought webmasters. BongaCams provides promotional banners for affiliates to promote the referral program to webmasters.

Compatible with Roboscripts

The associated program BongaCams is also compatible with Roboscripts. Roboscripts is a series of scripts created specifically for webcam servers. There are a number of scripts that provide several different functions. Create turnkey affiliate sites, automate social media, and create automated WordPress partner blogs. It also includes tools that prevent duplicate content issues.

Register as a Bongacash webmaster!

Are you ready to start with BongaCash? Register today! BongaCams is the leading website for online webcam models. BongaCash has also been awarded various awards. Partner companies will receive all the tools they need to promote the network and monetize all visitors, including new models and webmasters.

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