How to make money on Onlyfans

Starting as a OnlyFans model

OnlyFans is a premium social network that gives online models the opportunity to earn on subscriptions. Its a great opportunity to promote your account directly from your BongaCams profile so your customers can subscribe for your additional content making you an extra passive income. Your OnlyFans profile and feed is censored until someone pays a subscription cost to unlock it. The user will continue to have to pay a monthly subscription fee to continue accessing the content on the site. Here is all the information about OnlyFans.

Fast info:

  • Services: Fanclubs, messages, tips, cams
  • Genders: Female, Man, Trans, Couples
  • Percentage profit: 80%
  • Payout frequency: on request, weekly, monthly
  • Payout methods: ACH, Paxum, ePayments, SEPA
  • Minimal payout: 20–100 $
  • Geo-Blocking: Yes

What you need to get started

The main fundamental necessity to get everything rolling is that you should be somewhere around 18 years of age. While enrolling for your model record, you should give an advanced duplicate of your age ID. All genders are gladly received and anybody beyond 18 years old can pursue OnlyFans and bring in cash.

How much you can earn on OnlyFans

OnlyFans models receive 80% of all transactions that take place on the site. Models can set their own subscription and private message rates. The minimum amount you can currently charge for a subscription is $ 4.99 per month. There is no maximum number of subscriptions. The minimum amount of paid private messages or tips is $ 5.00. OnlyFans covers all chargebacks and will not be deducted from the artist’s profits.

The larger the number of subscribers, the higher the monthly income. Assuming that the artist is able to constantly increase his subscription base month after month, monthly revenues will continue to increase. Many models make more money on subscription services than on scribbles or clips. See also the instructions how to make money selling your foot fetish pics.

Payments: minimum payout and payment methods

Installments to Onlyfans can be on demand. OnlyFans offers numerous payout choices. These choices shift contingent upon the area of the OnlyFans model. US entertainers have the choice of paying out ACH/direct store. Unfamiliar models have ePayments, Paxum and bank move choices. Notwithstanding e-wallets, models in Europe likewise have SEPA, and Canadian or Australian producers additionally have an immediate store notwithstanding e-wallets and bank moves.

The minimum payout is between $ 20 and $ 200, depending on the payout option. Models have the option to set payouts weekly, monthly or on demand.

Earn by offering these services:

Premium Onlyfan subscriptions

The main focus of OnlyFans is a premium subscription to the fan club. All your content will be censored / blocked until the member logs in to you. Once subscribed, they will have access to, comment, communicate, and send you content. To continue accessing the content, they will need to renew their subscription each month, creating a residual income!

Premium fanclubs can be very lucrative. $ 15 a month doesn’t sound like much, but with 100 subscribers it will be $ 1,500. With 1,000 subscribers, it becomes $ 15,000. As you can see, with a growing number of subscribers, platforms like OnlyFans can become extremely lucrative.

The minimum amount you can charge for a subscription is $ 4.99 per month. The maximum amount you can charge for a subscription is $ 49.99.

It is also possible to send paid messages to your subscribers. Your fans will have to pay to unlock the message and access the content. Paid messaging is highly integrated into the regular messaging feature. To send pay-per-view messages, simply upload them via messenger and set a price. After confirming that they are willing to pay and display the media in your report, your fans will be automatically charged. The minimum amount you can charge for a paid message is $ 5.00.

Next possibilities on Onlyfans:

Responsive / optimized for mobile phones: Upload a selfie to your phone!

OnlyFans is very suitable for mobile devices. By synchronizing your browser with your phone, you can also create and upload photos or videos directly from your mobile phone. This is ideal for recording selfie and similar type of content. Imagine Snapchat, but browser based.

Account operation only for fans free of charge

It is additionally conceivable to run a free OnlyFans account by setting a zero membership rate. Numerous OnlyFans impact both public and private records. Since the exceptional record is controlled until the client buys in, the public record will give potential supporters knowledge into the nature of the substance. Free records can likewise be adapted through locked content and paid messages, and that implies that free records can likewise be adapted. Since all OnlyFans clients should enter Visa data while enlisting, they just have a single tick left to become paid endorsers, and free record advancement might be enough for them to pay for the premium.

Offer discounts and free trials

OnlyFans also supports discounts and free trials. This feature allows you to offer a discounted price to new and expired subscribers. OnlyFans models will have full control over the number of subscriptions available at this price, the discounted amount and the validity period of the offer. Set a bid duration, limit it to the first number of subscribers, or create free trials by setting the discount to 100% for a specified period of time.

Geoblocking by country regions

OnlyFans allows models to block by region. There is a drop-down menu that contains all the countries that can block models. In addition to regional blocking, OnlyFans models can also block individual IP addresses or IP ranges.

Start as an OnlyFans online model!

Are you ready to start with OnlyFans? Register today! The registration process is quick and easy and you can start right away! OnlyFans is a high-paying network that allows you to generate residual income by running your own premium fan club. All sexes are welcome and anyone can make money on the web. In addition to a fan club subscription, you also earn money from sending private unlockable messages.

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