Networks that pay models using Paxum

Paxum is an electronic wallet suitable for adults. Paxum works and behaves similarly to PayPal. However, unlike PayPal, adult entities (websites, artists, producers, etc.) will not be prohibited from using the service. Paxum funds can be accessed via a debit card or withdrawn from a bank account. Here are the sites that support Paxum as a payment method. Bongacams allows payments via this method.

How to register for a Paxum account

Creating a Paxum account is easy. Anyone can create a paxum. To do so, simply go to the Paxum homepage and register a personal account. Registering for a Paxum merchant account or a Paxum bank account has a much more difficult process. You must be verified before Paxum issues a debit card.

Receiving payments from networks

To receive payments from the networks in which you operate, simply enter the email address associated with your Paxum account. For most sites, this is done in the admin area of the model account. Some sites may require email support to change your payout method.

Access the funds in your Paxum account

There are two ways to access Paxum funds. You can either apply for a Paxum debit card or withdraw money to a bank account. The debit card works like any other debit card, but is associated with a Paxum account. Before funds can be used, they must be manually transferred from the Paxum main account to the debit card. This is done through the account area of the site.

Paxum account verification

Users must verify their account before they can select funds. Two things are needed to verify your account; digital copy of photo ID (passport or passport) and proof of address. Certain types of postal items work for both the proof of address and other documentation. After verifying the account, the user can request a debit card or transfer funds to a bank account.

View pages by other payment types

Are you looking for sites that offer payouts other than Paxum? Here is a list of other payout methods and networks that support these payouts.

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